Alcohol Detox at Home-Day 1

15June 2020

man smashing a wine bottle

Alcohol Detox at Home – Day 1.

Ground Zero – 08.00 a.m

This is the last time I’m going to feel like today I thought as I stared into the bathroom mirror. In fact, pressing the puffiness underneath my eyelids, it’s hopefully the last time I’ll look like today as well.

Due to the current pandemic this is a self supervised  alcohol detox at home, but it’s not a problem as I’ve had good counselling and I’m well prepared. 

As I’m looking at this detox as a whole body and mind holistic revamp I decided to monitor my weight as well. After all, technically I should be consuming some 10,000 to 12,000 calories per week less, plus the garbage I eat while drinking it.

With that, I stepped onto the scales to record my weight.

Lamenting on the current lock down situation and the opportunity it’s presented to focus on my health and life in general I took my blood pressure using an electronic wrist monitor which is a requirement of the program. In the first few days the medication can increase your blood pressure so it has to be monitored.

Although businesses are starting to return to work, the Covid-19 crisis still means that monitoring a detox has to be done at home supervised by a relative while the alcohol team keep in contact by phone.

Ordinarily the team would be conducting home visits but it’s difficult to adopt the 2-metre rule or even stay safe in another person’s home.

Time to start but I nearly blew it!

I’d been monitoring my blood pressure over the weekend leading up to D-day and had maintained a nice reading. However this morning it was off the chart!

Why was this? I couldn’t believe it. The detox medication can push your blood pressure higher so any rise in the BP may have scuppered the whole program.

I know my last weekend of alcohol went out with a bang….. How stupid!

After waiting all this time I might have blown my chance. I Can’t believe it.

Ok, try and relax….Take the dog out across the fields, get some fresh air.

10.00 a.m. Received a call from the medical nurse on the detox team – blurt out the predicament.

Advice. Finish the dog walk, get some breakfast and take your BP. “But don’t start the meds until we’re sure.”

Returned home and took the advice. A couple of deep breaths and try again with the monitor.

Yesss….Much lower.

Ok, time to take my blood pressure tablets (I’ve had high blood pressure treatment for 18 years and the daily tablets keep it nice and stable)

But then…

Shit, Shit and double Shit!!!!…. Not only had I hammered the wine on my last weekend before detox but I’d also forgotten to take my blood pressure tablets the day before.

Fozzie Bear Drinking WineAnd there they were, all four of them sat looking smug in their best Sunday foil wrapper grinning at me like Fozzie Bear from the Muppet Show. (who’s the Muppet now blood pressure boy? – LOSER)

No bloody wonder my BP had gone into orbit. Talk about stupid!!

At that point I was fuming!!

F#CK YOU smug little blood pressure tablets with your stupid names that sound like wannabe StarWars characters. (Valsartan – Lord of the Dark Side.  Lipitor – Commander of the Reptile Mutant Attack Force and Amlodipine – Queen of the resistance movement).

So understand this AstraZeneca  – or whoever manufactures these tablets and gives them daft Intergalactic names….

“I am your Father.”

“Without my blood pressure and cholesterol condition you have no power and you have no control over my life!”

Dog dressed as father

Blood Pressure under control. Let’s do this

Medication: CHLORDIAZEPOXIDE – Or more commonly know as LIBRIUM

Type of Meds: A benzodiazepine.

Doseage: Reduces throughout the week but Day 1 is 2 tablets, 4 times per day with food. This may differ for other people as the treatment is designed around the individual’s needs and circumstances.

What’s its function: Used to treat alcohol withdrawal and anxiety.

Availability: Prescription only following counselling.

Medication 2: Thiamin.

Type of medicine: B1 vitamin supplement. 1 tablet 3 or 4 timesper day as prescribed

What’s its function: It plays an important part in many body functions including certain brain degeneration and cardiovascular dysfunction. Alcoholics are known to be deficient in B1.

Availability: Can be purchased over the counter but make sure it’s genuine and a pure quality.

Effects, mood and cravings

To be honest I don’t know what to expect.

Was I going to be anxious, moody, aggressive, unwell? I just didn’t know.

What I did know was that my cravings start to surface around 4.00pm ready for the 6.00pm Wine Time, so I was pretty safe during the day.

The Librium has a slight sedative effect which can affect different people in different ways. That’s why you shouldn’t drive or operate any equipment.

Therefore, I was feeling mildly dopey and fairly chilled.

I know my trigger points, and again if you’ve read my About page you’ll know my trigger point is around about 6.00pm when I’m starting to prepare the evening meal.

Well today I’ve circumnavigated that and prepared a Stroganoff at lunch time to go in the slow cooker. That way come trigger time it’s just serve and go. Genius eh?

Trigger time.

Ok, I didn’t expect to get away Scott free, so yes there are some cravings but they’re only mild and as I have been expecting them I’ve been able to ride the wave until they disappear.

Also I bought myself some nice canned drinks to give me that sweet hit and something to do with my hands.

As the evenings draws on I’ve busied myself with bits of daft jobs I normally wouldn’t have bothered with. (Watering the garden, setting up my Amazon Music account on my mobile).

Silly little things that ordinarily once I’d taken a first glass of wine I wouldn’t have bothered with.

People have mentioned there’s life after 6.00, and it’s actually quite productive!

End of day 1 – Time for bed.

I’ll be honest, this point of the day I wasn’t looking forward to.

Body aches were starting and a nagging headache was there continually. Not sure if I could take any pain killers with the Librium so I decided to ride it out.

Having brought up two daughters and seeing what they have to put up with on a monthly basis I decided I could man up to a headache and some joint discomfort.

Ordinarily I’d be desperate to get to bed by 11.00pm having nodded off in the chair several times during the evening, much to the annoyance of my wife.

However, this evening there was no nodding off and no overwhelming tiredness, so I really thought I was going to be tossing and turning trying to get off to sleep.

Strangely, the opposite happened. I hit the pillow and was out like a light.

Staying asleep was a different matter though. All night long I was up and down to the bathroom peeing like crazy! Every 90 minutes or so I was up with another full bladder….. and then there was the night sweats.

By morning time the bed was soaking wet and my head felt like I’d drank the entire stock of my local Bargain Booze store.

But Hey, I’d survived the first 24 hours.

take the first step in faith
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