Alcohol Detox At Home ~ Day 4

19June 2020

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Alcohol Detox At Home ~ Day 4.

Wow, I must be wired this morning!

For some reason I jumped out of bed super early.

Are my sleep patterns starting to change? I’m told that alcohol induced sleep is a kind of false sleep. You might be unconscious and out of the game,  but in reality you’re tossing and turning all night and constantly waking up.

Perhaps now the alcohol is being expelled I’m getting back into a natural and healthy sleep state.

I certainly hope so.

A nice fresh coffee, breakfast, a dog walk and I’m ready to face the challenges of the day. (Not sure where or when I’ll meet those challenges, but when I do I’ll picture of dogs george and stuartobserve the 2-metre distance rule)

So decided to retire to the computer and write yesterday’s experience. As usual I’m joined by my two furlough buddies George and Stuart.



Receive a call from my buddy at CGL. (Change Grow Live)

Usual monitoring stuff. Blood pressure, shakes, hallucinations, hot sweats etc. All good.

The weather is really bad today. Torrential rain, thunderstorms. The dogs are going crazy.

Then a strange thing happened. I’m tapping away on the key board and feel an overwhelming slump in energy.

Next thing I’m out like a light sat upright in my office chair and awoke about an hour later with an incredibly sore neck, which you would do if you had a lump of useless grey matter the dead weight of a 5 Kg medicine ball slumped over your left shoulder.

It’s no wonder you’re advised not to drive while taking Librium if you can zone out that fast!

Talking of which, here’s today’s dose.

Today’s Meds

Librium.  Breakfast x 1. – Lunch x 1 – Evening Meal x 1. – Bedtime x 2.

Thiamin. 1 tablet 4 times per day.

Blood Pressure. Stable

Afternoon Tactics.

Gave myself a little DIY project this afternoon. I know the information leaflet that came with the Librium said no driving or operating machinery, well I’m not driving. And anyway, what harm can you do with a little power drill?

A while ago (well nearly two years) my wife bought me a small Juke Box style bluetooth CD and music player. A really cool thing which looks great when it’s switched on with its light flashing.

Trouble is I’ve never had any place where I could listen to it or gain any pleasure, and it definitely wasn’t allowed in the lounge. It was a bit like buying a kid a race track and then telling him he couldn’t set it up on the floor…

Her idea was I could play it in my office upstairs while working. Unfortunately for me I’m a man and can only focus on one thing at a time.

On top of that, how likely am I to sit in my room listening to the best of Oasis, or some depressing song by Dido or Suzanne Vega.  You know, it’s not like I’m fourteen and bouncing off the walls one minute with an air guitar then sobbing  into my pillow the next because some girl in year whatever never noticed me in the corridor. 

Also, around the same time the daughters treated me to an Alexa Dot. Same scenario. Really cool gadget, just in the wrong house.

Anyway, I have two domains in our house. My little office and the kitchen.

So it’s a given that I’m not going to set either devices up in my office and sit there like a kid in a bedroom. NO WAY to that horseshit of an idea.

Picture of a Juke boxSo kitchen it is. Wife not too happy I have to admit, but there again I have just totally revamped the lounge and fitted a gazillion inch wide TV in the most awesome position, so I don’t think an Itty Bitty little pretend Juke Box in the kitchen is too much to ask.

Biggest problem though is that I also designed and fitted the kitchen too, so space was used to its max. I’ve only got the corner underneath the TV and above the flip top bin to fit and wire it, so that’s where it’s going.

Also, I found this really cool wall mount for my Alexa Dot so that’s finally taking pride of place now as well.

Back to the Detox.

Spending the afternoon acting  like a mix between Tommy Walsh and Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen has of course has been the ultimate distraction.

So much so that I was able to prepare a meal in my trigger zone while blasting some guitar blues through my Alexa linked mini Juke Box.

And lets not forget it was only 24 hours earlier I was running out of the kitchen like a girl being chased by a wasp!

Even so, I can’t say I’m fully there yet. Little things cause mini waves and I need to ride them.

That’s just reminded me, it’s the bloody weekend soon.

Even though drinking every night should make no difference to what day it is, it’s Friday tomorrow and there was always something nice about that Friday feeling. Something extra to look forward to and a release from the week.

We shall see!

Night Time.

Nothing earth shattering to report tonight.

Cravings stable. Can’t stop nibbling though. I’m supposed to be losing weight by saving 10,000 wine calories a week, not piling it on with Pringles and Wagon Wheels covered in cream cheese, even though it is 30% reduced fat.

More pointless getting up and down and tea drinking.

Took meds, took blood pressure and retired around 10.30.

Another day without alcohol.

Still Winning!

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