Alcohol Detox At Home ~ Day 3

17June 2020

Feel good message

Alcohol Detox At Home ~ Day 3.

A much better night last night. No night sweats. Let’s hope that was a one off because getting back into a damp bed after going for a pee isn’t the most comfortable experience.

For a start the wet sweat which was warm is now cold, and trying to re-warm your wet bit is near impossible. It’s like trying to get comfortable in a damp sleeping bag when your tent is leaking.

In fact, hopefully that will be the last time ever because severe night sweats would happen if I drank heavily over a series of nights. Sometimes so bad I’ve moved into the spare room during the night.

Honestly, the shit we put ourselves through for the sake of alcohol…

Getting up for a pee during the night – must have been 4 times. Have to be careful, the Librium makes me a bit unsteady during the night so it’s necessary to take a moment to sit on the edge of the bed before embarking on a Le Mans style start to get to the bathroom before it’s too late.

old fashioned cars waiting to start the Le mans race

Again woke up groggy but all in all not a bad night. No cravings, no shakes, no bogey men popping up before my eyes, so all good.

Today’s Meds

Librium.  Breakfast x 2. – Lunch x 1 – Evening Meal x 1. – Bedtime x 2.

Thiamin. 1 tablet 4 times per day.

Blood Pressure. Stable

Afternoon Tactics.

Light lunch. attempting a mammoth weight loss this week with zero alcohol calories and watching what I’m eating.

Slight change of tactics with prepping the evening meal. You can’t have slow cooker dishes every day so seasoned some chicken thighs ready to pop into the oven around 5.30 and par boiled some potatoes I’d cut into wedges and coated with a spicy seasoning.

Hopefully pop it all in the oven and walk away from my trigger point.

2.45 pm I received a call from the clinician who writes the prescriptions. He asks me lots of questions about how I’m coping and feeling, and feels satisfied the level of prescription is suitable for me.

We discuss the next stage after detox finishes. Just because the body is detoxed of alcohol doesn’t mean you’re cured of alcohol dependence.

The real battle is the few weeks after detoxification.

A drug call Acamprosate was discussed which helps with the cravings.Acamprosate Image Apparently it stabilises those nasty little receptors in the brain and helps the recovering alcoholic cope with cravings and withdrawal.

On it’s own it’s not a cure for treating alcohol addiction, so it’s only prescribed once a detox has taken place and accompanied by a support mechanism such as meetings and discussion.

It’s agreed between the clinician and myself that an initial course of 28 days should be prescribed starting from Monday.

4.00 pm and my bezzie support nurse rings to check in. Great to hear her cheery voice and support. I’ll miss our little chats and check lists of any shakes, ill effects, hallucinations, blood pressure etc. It’s no wonder so many people enjoy ill health, you get loads of attention and fuss.

Evening time.

So, slightly different experience this time. I know I said I’d prepared the chicken and southern style potato wedges just to pop into the oven and walk away. Well the plan didn’t work as well as the slow cooker arrangement.

The trigger point must still hold a lot of force.

Time. 17.30.

Action. Switch on the oven to pre-heat.

Me. Wait for the oven to get to temperature so the tray of chicken can go in first.

Result. WHAM – Gotcha!!! …… Wine receptors triggered like a jungle ambush.

Where’s F’ing Acamprosate Guy when you need him?

What with him, Valsartan and Lipitor disappearing down to some Galactic Whetherspoons every 5-minutes what chance do I stand? (In fairness to Acamprosate Guy, his tour of duty doesn’t start until next week so currently he’s on R & R.)

Survival Tactic.  F#ck off rapidly out of the kitchen and hop around the house on one foot until the triggered receptors settle down and pass.

Post Action. Tentatively peer around the kitchen door to make sure all the bogey men had gone, grab a can of Cola for a sugar rush, bang the chicken in the oven quickly and go and busy myself with some meaningless task like crocheting an ear protector for a donkey…

So what happened to the potato wedges?

Well after twenty minutes I decided to put my big boy pants on and like Arnie in Terminator I stared into the flame engulfed abyss and survived. Now I was going to stride into that kitchen like a Colossus on steroids and get those wedges into the oven.

Conclusion.  I survived to eat the meal washed down with a cola and ice, and it was pretty tasty too.

Evening Time

A fairly unremarkable evening. Kept myself busy with a combination of TV, going up and down stairs with absolutely no purpose whatsoever and drinking cups of tea.

Took my last med around 11.00pm and retired to bed.

As far as I remember I was out like a light but quite active during the night peeing.

It’s a bit of tricky business all this getting up during the night with a head full of Librium. Unless I go to great lengths to steady myself first (not easy with a full 600ml bladder on board) I’m flopping around in the dark like a new born giraffe. And yes, it can be a hit a miss business with wobbly legs which is extremely annoying.

That said, it was a comfortable night with no sweats and the medication reduces substantially from tomorrow so all looking good.

If you wish to comment or share your experience on this or any of the articles, please feel free and join in the conversation. I will respond to all comments as quickly as possible once moderated.

have faith in whatw will be

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2 Replies to “Alcohol Detox At Home ~ Day 3”

    1. Hi Kerry,
      My apologies for the very delayed response. I’m in the process of moving the site and found your message in the spam folder.
      I’m assuming you are in the UK judging by your email, therefore you have a number of options.
      Initially I approached my GP for help. However, the doctors are generally too busy so he pointed me in the direction of an organisation I could self refer to called Change Grow Live or CGL. I refer to them often in my website and they are a national free organisation with loads of local branches.
      At first I was hesitant but I needn’t have been worried as they are amazingly helpful.
      First of all you will have some one on one counselling with them (I did mine during lockdown so had to be over the phone) and between you both you will decide the best course of action for you.
      If you do decide that total abstinence is the way forward then they will devise a plan for you where you will detox for one week with the help of medication. I collected mine from the pharmacy. You will get daily support from your counsellor to help you through it. It is medically supervised as depending on your level of dependency, it’s a big thing you’re going through.
      Once your body is detoxed then you will start your abstinence journey. You will be supported by the counsellor as long as you require it, and you will also be offered further medication to help with the cravings. I suggest you make use of this.
      It’s not easy, but it is so well worth it.
      Good luck and keep in touch.

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