Alcohol Detox At Home ~ Day 2

16June 2020


Alcohol Detox At Home ~ Day 2.

Bad night last night.

Up and down to the bathroom and severe night sweats.

Still, I’m awake and survived the first 24 hours so feeling pretty epic about that on its own.

Still feeling groggy though and a banging headache.

Blood pressure higher than I’d like it. I’ll monitor that over the next 30 minutes.

10.00 am. Telephone call from my support nurse. Good to hear a supportive friendly voice. I ask her about taking painkillers with Librium and it’s ok to take Ibuprofen but best to avoid paracetamol as it’s not that great for the liver.

My friendly support nurse (sorry I’ve not asked permission to use anybody’s names so I’m respecting their privacy) reassures me that the night sweats and general aches and pains are all part of the detox and proves it’s working. The constant peeing throughout the night is my body expelling retained fluid, particularly around the joints, ankles and lower limbs.

Ok, feeling good about that. The Ibuprofen is kicking in so time for a light breakfast and dog walk.

Today’s Meds

Librium.  Breakfast x 2. – Lunch x 1 – Evening Meal x 2. – Bedtime x 2.

Thiamin. 1 tablet 4 times per day.

Afternoon Tactics.

Light lunch take meds. Feeling pretty good. No sweats, no cravings, blood pressure good.

Decide on the same tactic as yesterday and resorted to prepping a meal in the slow cooker so that it was ready just to serve up at trigger time.

Carried out a few simple jobs in the afternoon to keep my mind busy. No machinery though. Librium makes you feel slightly sedated and a bit clumsy.

4.00 pm check in with support. Blood pressure good, no hallucinations, no mysterious voices and no cravings.

5.00pm. Youngest daughter rang and insisted I went for a dog walk with her and the children. She’s determined to break me out of my regular old tea time routine.

It was a welcome distraction and on return served the evening meal up with no cravings.

All in all the day went well and so did the evening.

A couple of soft drinks with ice and lemon and a cup of tea before bed set me up for a good nights sleep.

Best of all, I didn’t wake up for the bathroom until around 3.30am and no night sweats.

Hopefully the detox is being kinder than I expected it to be.

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