My Story

This website and it’s content is based on my personal true life experience of breaking a very strong association with excess alcohol consumption, particularly wine, and becoming alcohol free.

I started my detox during the Corona Virus Pandemic while everybody else’s use of alcohol seemed to hit an all time high.

Despite the unprecedented times and restrictions on face to face support I embarked on a medically supervised detox followed by weeks of abstinence support to finally break the hold over my drinking habit.

In order to get through this, make myself accountable for my actions, and hopefully inspire others, I decided to make My Story available for all to read.

You can read about how I got to this point in my life, how I finally managed to break the cycle of drink, fear and guilt, and the amazing support I received along the way.

Also as the website builds out, you will find some helpful resources and information that I would have liked to have known earlier on in my journey of discovery and recovery.

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I Want To Get Wasted!

W ~ Wake up feeling fresh and ready to go
A ~ Anticipate a great day and achieve my aims
S ~ Stay Hydrated and full of energy
T ~ Take a multivitamin 
E ~ Exercise and feel ENERGIZED
D ~ Don’t stay up too late and enjoy sound sleep
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Your goal isn’t to be sober
Your goal is to respect and love yourself so much that you don’t need a drink!
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